Residential Interior

At VR Decors, we understand that you need your house to be your own reflection. It should be able to tell the story of who you are and made of everything that you love. Residential interior design plays an indisputable role in ensuring that you have just the right mix of luxury and comfort at your home.

No matter where you go or whether you stay in some of the best hotels around the world very often, no place can make you feel as relaxed as your own house. This is why VR Decors has the best residential interior designers in Jaipur who can transform your house into a welcoming and cheerful abode.

When creating interior designs for a house, we always keep in mind that every space within a house has an essence of its own – be it the living room, bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen, terrace, bathroom or dining area. It is our primary job during the ideation as well as the execution of your house design to make sure that each part of your residence echoes your personal taste, all the while upholding its functionality.

The expert team at VR Decors carefully assesses the styling and furnishing needs of your living space as well as of each of the family members before creating a tailor-made residential design concept for you. Everything from the furniture to material finish, lighting, plumbing fixtures and other accessories is selected by them in compliance with the personalised home interior design theme curated for you.

One of the most modern house interior designs we have worked on was a generous two-bedroom flat in Jaipur. The challenge was to preserve the calmness of this beautiful house and also, make it look refreshing and upbeat with the use of colours, materials and design. We used custom-made solid timber furniture to depict the quality of timelessness, and Italian marble flooring to give it a modern touch.

Similarly, we have worked on several residential projects across Jaipur. The masterpieces created by our expert house interior design team are present in every nook and corner of the city from Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar, Sodala to C-Scheme , Malviya Nagar, Sanganer and transport Nagar.

We have also worked on a couple of show flats for some prominent builders in Nagaur and Didwana. The most contemporary design techniques have been used to create a perception of luxury and expanse in these compact, modern spaces. Visitors can easily get some clever interior design ideas for living room and other home decoration tips to create their very own urban living space.

Our years of experience have only added to our capabilities and expertise in creating interior design for home and established us one of the best in the field. So whether you are looking for comfort, warmth, sophistication or a mix of it all, just leave it to us! It is our promise to leave no stone unturned, and deliver nothing but the best to turn your house into a beautiful, vibrant and lively dream home.

Retail Design

When designing corporate office interiors, the key is to strike a balance between styling and optimum space utilisation. Right from the entry through the reception to the work floor and conference rooms to office furniture design and lighting, every aspect of the corporate office should reflect the vision of the company. That’s exactly why we have the best commercial interior designers in Jaipur in our team.

At VR Decors, the expert designers base your corporate office design on a thorough analysis of what you want and what your clients, employees and business associates are looking to experience when they enter your office. Our number one priority while undertaking a commercial interior design project is to understand what the company truly stands for and represent the same in the best conceivable way.

We believe that the best office interior design is the one that not just catches the clients’ attention but also creates an efficient workplace for the employees and enhances their morale. In keeping with this, our office interior designers in Jaipur have closely worked with a number of multi-faceted companies in the city and elsewhere over the years and curated some of the most remarkable corporate spaces.

When a real estate firm desired a commercial office space design exuding elegance and vibrancy, our top interior designers took up the challenge and went all in to give the client what he wanted. While we knew that incorporating natural light inside an office in Jaipur is not an easy task, we accomplished the same with the use of soft neutral tones of black, white, brown, blue and grey across the space.

We understand that an office layout design needs to be in sync with the purpose and overall vibe of the space. For instance, while working on a creative office in Khar, we had some of our best commercial interior designers create an inspired office space that is tasteful and pragmatic yet distinctly original. A compact and elegant café and even a sleep pod were added to the office for late nights at work.

Designing a retail store requires a very different approach than corporate office interiors. While working on an Indian garment showroom in Jaipur, our creative experts made sure that the colours, lights and textures used in interior design made the showroom look inviting, without stealing the attention from its offerings. With minimal furniture and huge storage units, the place now has everything it needs.

It was also a new experience for us to work on a multi-region project like Papacream Ice-cream Parlours. Our best interior designers put in their minds together to give the place an unmistakable visual identity and design it to be bright, fun and interactive with the use of unique design elements and pastel shades. Its outlets, designed by VR Decors, are now present in Jaipur, Nagaur, Jodhpur, Didwana

Our experience of working on different projects and taking up unique assignments day after day has made us one of the best commercial renovation and interior design companies in Jaipur today. So whether you are an enterprise, a law firm or a digital marketing agency, we promise to create the best commercial interior design for your office based on your needs as well as that of your business.

Wall Panelling in PVC

With the increase in various problems in wall decoration in housing sector, PVC Wall Panels are widely regarded as the future of wall decoration. PVC Wall Panels, being the plastic products, offer many benefits in day to day life over the regular ways of wall decoration like wallpaper or paint etc. Their popularity will only increase in coming times with more and more people realizing its benefits.

Traditional styles of wall decoration are labor intensive, sometime expensive, hard to maintain and not easily repairable. If a wall with paint or wall paper gets damaged, it requires complete overhaul in the design of the wall, if not the entire room. Especially in case of paint etc., any small portion of the wall cannot be mended. On the other hand, PVC Panels come in the form of small panels and that are joined together by inter-locking mechanism. In case of PVC Panels, even if a small part is damaged, which is very unlikely because of its hard construction and sturdy material, it can easily be changed by replacing the damaged panel only, which is far cheaper and yields a far better result.

False Ceiling in PVC

PVC ceiling system is light in weight, moisture resistant and reduces condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling onto work surfaces. The cleanable, non-absorbent surface is UV stable and will not discolour.

PVC ceiling systems solves the problem of dirty, unhygienic ceilings that are difficult, and expensive to clean by providing a bright, durable and hygienic surface, which is easily maintained. This extremely practical ceiling system is suitable for any area requiring a fixed, non-porous, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling.

PVC Ceiling has various advantage over other materials namely they are waterproof, Termite Proof, Fire Retardant, Economical, Maintenance free, being non-porous and non-absorbent, can incorporate flush fitting lighting, access hatches, air vents and sprinklers easy to install & available in various colors shades & no hassles of Painting & Polishing.

3D Wallpapers

Wallpaper is a material used in interior decoration to decorate the interior walls of domestic and public buildings. It is usually sold in rolls and is applied onto a wall using wallpaper paste. Wallpapers can come plain as "lining paper" (so that it can be painted or used to help cover uneven surfaces and minor wall defects thus giving a better surface), textured (such as Anaglypta), with a regular repeating pattern design, or, much less commonly today, with a single non-repeating large design carried over a set of sheets.


Modular Kitchen a term used for the modern kitchen layout, which consists of number of cabinets to hold different things in different sections. There are two sections namely floor section and wall section, floor section is one having cabinets attached to the floor and wall section having cabinets attached to the wall and basically near to the rooftop. As we all know that we have space limitations in the apartment and houses, modular kitchens help us in saving space and giving out the best in limited space.

Not only spaces, modular kitchen also help in saving time. Modular kitchens can also help you in giving creativity to your kitchen by using different combinations of sizes and styles. So, why not try it once instead of going for the old style of custom kitchen.

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and drapes are window coverings for the home that are created from cloth materials. Homeowners can select solid color curtains or draperies for a room or choose from a printed pattern that will complement the decor or theme that is desired for the room. These window treatments can be closed to block light from entering a room or left open. Most commonly, curtains and draperies are pulled to the sides of the window and secured with a tie.

Blinds are window coverings which allow an individual to adjust the amount of light in which they can filter into a room. These window treatments are comprised of slats, which are positioned in a horizontal or vertical manner and can be adjusted with the use of a cord or blind stick. Most blinds are capable of having all slats pulled to the top of the window so it allows homeowners to have a full view of the outside. Originally manufactured from plastic, today window blinds are created with materials such as wood, faux wood, metal and more. This provides home decorators with styles that will truly complement the room in which they are decorating.