Wall Panelling in PVC

With the Increase in Various Problems in Wall Decoration in Housing sector, PVC Wall Panels are widely regarded as the future of wall Decoration. PVC Wall Panels, being the Plastic Products, offer many Benefits in day to day life over the regular ways of wall decoration like Wallpaper or Paint etc.Traditional Styles of Wall Decoration are labor intensive, sometime expensive, hard to maintain and not easily repairable. If a wall with paint or Wall Paper gets damaged, it requires complete overhaul in the design of the wall, if not the Entire Room.

False Ceiling in PVC

PVC Ceiling System is light in weight moisture Resistant and Reduces condensation and subsequent dripping from Ceiling on to work surfaces.The cleanable,non absorbent surface is UV stable and will not discolor.PVC Ceiling systems solves the problem of dirty,unhygienic Ceilings that are difficult,and expensive to clean by providing a bright,durable and hygienic surface,which is easily maintained.PVC Ceiling has various advantages over other materials namely they are Waterproof,Termite Proof,Fire Retardant,Economical,and Maintenance free.